Choukair The Label was born from the encounter between the timeless models of Melvin & Hamilton and the boldness of Fratelli Russo's feminine lines. French know-how with a transalpine influence and shoes with the iconic orange sole, designed by four hands. Vibrant colours, bold textures, curves... A true fashion statement, this joint collection embodies the essence of glamour. An homage to la dolce vita; it is an invitation to slow down and absorb the glamorous and luminous silhouettes of Italian fashion.

Common passion and exceptional know-how

In the Russo family, the entrepreneurial and family adventure was born from a common dream: to build a project that would last through the ages. Since 1962, the company has been growing and evolving, driven by the passion of an entire family. Over the years, the members of the Russo clan spread out to different factories and opened stores all over Italy. In 2001, the third generation of the Russo family, the brothers Gioele & Nicolo, took over. Carried by the family heritage, they invest themselves in the company alongside their father and their third brother. More than a simple job, it was a story of transmission and know-how. After sifting through the region's factories and shaping their knowledge with several brands, Gioele and Nicolo decided in 2017 to create the eponymous Fratelli Russo brand. The Fratelli Russo story has thus been written for six years, after forty years of experience in production.

A few kilometres away, the story of the Choukair brothers has many similarities. From their childhood, they also travelled to Italian factories with their father. From north to south, from Milan to Naples, they discovered the secrets of leather shoe production. Their encounter with the Russo family marked a decisive turning point in the history of their brand, Melvin & Hamilton. Passionate about their craft, they share a love for shoes. The Choukair brothers have not forgotten this moment and follow the evolution of Fratelli Russo with attention, ready to seize opportunities for a collaboration. When the high heel trend makes a comeback in 2020, they know that the Russo's will be the perfect partners. A common history, therefore, made of tradition, experience and passion.

This collaboration named Choukair The Label is the result of a long-standing friendship and mutual trust. With this joint collection, the two houses wanted to create elegant, feminine and timeless shoes, while bringing a touch of modernity thanks to the materials and ornaments chosen. All the models are entirely handmade, thus demonstrating a unique know-how and a true love for craftsmanship. Choukair The Label wants to offer the possibility to all women to express their personality through their style. The creative team has a very specific image of their core customer in mind: a confident woman who wants to wear elegant shoes while being relaxed.